1970 Dodge Charger Registry

1970 Dodge Charger Registry

1970 Dodge Charger Registry

1970 Dodge Charger Registry

1970 Dodge Charger Registry

1970 Dodge Charger Registry

1970 Dodge Charger Registry





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This car was owned by Bill "DUB" Creech back in the 70's. It's whereabouts now, are still a mystery. If anyone out there has any information on this Charger, please contact us immediately so we can see what happened to the car known as 'Magnum Force".


Below is the story told by Dub's son, William (or Bill Jr.):


My dad purchased the Charger used in December of 1969 from Budd Volvo in Riverside, CA. The original owner bought it and decided to trade it in for something else. The Charger had 3,500 miles on it when my dad purchased it. It was stock except for US Mags. Don't know who the guy was, but my dad's brother was the salesman that he traded it into and said that the guy was a former NY cop.


It was an EB5 blue 1970 R/T Charger with a 440 Magnum and pistol grip 4-speed. The car was all black inside except for the steering wheel and the pistol grip shifter which were wood grain. Front seats were buckets and there was no console. (Registry Note: We are guessing from the pictures, that the car was ordered new as an EB5, non-vinyl R/T with a black interior and also a stripe delete)


My dad added the lettering in the pics attached pretty soon after he got it. The car became "Magnum Force" in 1972 with a complete rebuild of the go fast stuff. The engine was completely redone and all of the internals were polished, it was bored (not sure how much - .060 maybe), Jans pistons, Sig Erson race cam, the heads were ported/polished/milled, Weiand Tunnel ram, dual 660 Holley double-pumper carbs with center squiters, twin fuel pumps (1 front, 1 rear), Mallory ignition, Jardine headers, and a Schaffer drag clutch. The gearing was 4.56s in the Dana, with 17.5" super sticky tubeless Firestones (D1 compound by today's standards) supplied by Parnelli Jones - personally. It had Hi-Jacker air shocks with the air valve mounted in the bumper for the rear - along with Lakewood traction bars. The fronts were 90/10 adjusted Monroes.


The car ran mid/low 10s at Fontana Drag City and Riverside International Raceway. The car was sponsored by J&M Speed Center in Riverside, CA and McPeak Painting and Pinstripping also in Riverside, CA.


My dad was a Riverside police officer and drove it on the street quite a bit. The car was legendary in the Inland Empire area having never been beat on the street. We used to cruise it to the B&B drive in restaurant at Magnolia and 14th and get corn dogs, or to A&W on the South end of town to get a root beer float and deep fried burritos.


The car was repainted to the black and gold scheme and traded into S&J Motors in Riverside in 1976 and purchased either from there or from a dealer auction.


My dad said that the last time he checked, the car was in San Clemente, CA - that would have been the early/mid 80s. An identifying mark on the car...if the original dash is still in it, will be an impression of my teeth on the overhang above the box I used to stand up and hang on with my hands and teeth.


If you have any information on this car, please contact the Registry and we will gladly put you in touch with Bill and his family.